Welcome to The 12 Weeks of Unstoppable Success Journal! This journal is designed to help you stay focused, accountable, and motivated as you work towards your goals!

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12 Weeks of Unstoppable Success Journal


Ready to reinvent yourself and transform your life? Start each day on your terms with our

12 Weeks of Unstoppable Success Journals!

This 12-week journal is the perfect companion to help you craft an empowering morning routine and build better habits in your daily life. It features weekly and monthly pages with daily entries to focus on starting the day on your terms and following through on your goals. Following the methods in the popular Goal setting video training "How to Achieve Your Goals Quickly" you'll implement real advice to improve your mindset and take real action to present the best version of yourself every day.

  • Self reflection questions

  • Black spiral binding and corners

  • 213 Page, undated 12-week journal, reuse anytime of the year

  • Full monthly spreads

  • Monthly challenges in each month

  • Weekly and annual reflection

  • Daily emotions tracker

  • Morning and evening brainstorm centers

  • Monthly goal trackers

  • Gratitude exercises for morning and nighttime routines

  • Weekly journaling prompts

  • Gold and pink, embossed cover detailing with The Feminine Queens branding

  • Full-color, unnumbered pages

  • Uncover your deepest desires journaling prompts

  • 24 free writing pages

  • Weighs approx. 1 lb

  • Pages measure 7.5 x 7.5 in

  • Additional accessories featured in the photographs are not included

Let our beautiful 12-Week Journal be the accessory that empowers you to stay focused and follow your ambitions every single day. Each morning when you come back to remind yourself of why you do what you do, use these pages to plan your next steps to the life you want.

HOW TO USE YOUR JOURNAL: Curious of how to get the most from your journal? This video will help you understand the pages of the journal!

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